Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New LEGO Magnet & Architecture Sets Arrived @ Brickboy Gardens!

We have in stock Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Spongebob, and Pirates LEGO Magnet Sets! Also, we have new arrival of LEGO Architecture Sets! Limited stock, only @ The Gardens!

Thumbnail image for http://www.1000steine.com/brickset/images/21001-1.jpg
Thumbnail image for http://www.1000steine.com/brickset/images/21002-1.jpg
Thumbnail image for http://www.1000steine.com/brickset/images/21003-1.jpg
Thumbnail image for http://www.1000steine.com/brickset/images/21004-1.jpg


wonderkitten said...

How much is the architecture set?

Sa-Loh-Cin said...

What about Bionicle? When are the summer wave sets coming in?

freenewmusic said...

do you still have the star wars stormtrooper ?