Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brickboy Brothers @ Pyramid CLOSED!

Dear LEGO fans,

With due regret, we'd like to announce that our Brickboy Brothers shop @ Sunway Pyramid has been closed. However, you can continue to drool over new LEGO sets @ our Brickboy Toys shop @ Gardens MidValley and Brickboy Brothers shop @ Tropicana Mall!

For more happy news after our Pyramid demise, we now have the new LEGO MiniFigures Series 2 to collect in store! What are you waiting for? Complete your Series 1 collection with the Second Series! Still haven't got the 1st yet? Where have you been?! You call yourself a LEGO fan??!! These minifigs are the best things LEGO have made!

For even more happy news - we now also have the new LEGO City Green Townhouse set (8403)! With Solar Panels on the roof and a Recycle Bin! Greenpeace LEGO fans will love this!

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